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קורות חיים בעברית 

Illana Shoshan is an Israeli-American activist. She is co-founder of the Women’s Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California, dedicated to work with women on changing the way the view themselves and advancing women’s rights in Israel and worldwide as human rights. Crowned Miss Israel in 1980 then elected Miss Israel of All Time in 2010 for her fearless advocacy in Israel of economic empowerment for women as a key to their liberation, and for her grassroots efforts to insure women run for political office. She is active in several women's organizations: IWN – The israeli women's network, EEW – Economic Empowerment for Women, SUPERSONA, Ben Shemen Youth Village (her alma mater) and regularly gives speeches and participates in panel discussions on women’s rights, empowering young girls, gender violence, and women’s economic empowerment. In October 2010, Illana was a featured speaker at TEDx-Holyland. In March of 2012, in honor of International Women’s Day, Illana was selected one of the 10 most influential Jewish women. In addition, Illana is a very outspoken critic of the so-called “Iron Ceiling” military boys’ club and its impact upon women’s advancement in the private and public sphere in Israeli society. She presented her findings at NCJW/Na’amat’s Jewish Women’s Conference in 2012 at UCLA and at the “Gender in Crisis in Global Politics” International Feminist Journal of Politics Conference at the University of Southern California in May of 2014. As a film producer Illana brought to the screen the powerful feature “Imaginary Heroes”. Illana holds Bachelors in Social Studies and Political Science (with emphasis on Gender Studies) and an LLB and Masters in Law from Bar Ilan University as well as Certificate in Business and Family Mediation.

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